Shell Necklaces

Shell Necklaces- price per piece

Each of these unique little treasures is comprised of tiny sea shells acquired from a dear friend ( now in her late 70's ) that has passed along this dying art. The shells themselves have been around for more than a decade, making their color extraordinary and nonpareil, some as small as a pin head.... patience dear these take time to make! Are these beauties delicate? No not really, your not wearing them to a mosh pit now are you.. These little shells have found their way out of the ocean and out of storage to make these divine one of a kind pieces!
Small Petite Rose Necklace-  $25.00

Vintage Shell Collar- $85.00  

Vintage shell and Glass Diamond Necklace- $75.00
Small Mother of Pearl and Vintage Button Collar- $65.00

Vintage Shell small Flower Necklace- $40.00