Cluster and Pendant Chain Necklaces

New- Vintage Paper Rose Cluster Necklace-  $27.00
Hand spun vintage paper, I bet Nacy Drew never saw this coming! Hand colored in brilliant pinks, reds and sunset oranges, each petal is pretty and perfect. Clustered in a silver pendant with a classic Retro Betty chain. Chain lengths vary-

Vintage Button Cluster Necklaces- $85.00

Over the top and marvelously unique- these pieces demand attention. Carefully selected,  each button is placed to create the perfect cluster of  delightful design. Combine these little exquisite clusters with  vintage chain to add to the luster and overall appeal of these dazzling pieces. Add as much sparkle to make your heart content, the perfect piece to add some charm to everyday fashion or complete your elegant evening  attire.

Vintage Button Pendants- $75.00
Classy and short or long and lovely, what ever your style, Retro Betty Vintage Pendant Necklaces are incomparable way to spiff up any wardrobe. Vintage chain and charms laced around a sizable button pendants, one of a kind unmatched glamor for every Retro Betty admirer.