Head bands and Hair Pins

NEWVintage Paper Rose hair pins-  $ 14.00
 Tiny little hand spun paper roses adorn these beautiful little hair pins. Hand coloring adds the perfect touch of pinks, blushes or orange accompany any wardrobe. Don't worry, these tiny pins are not as delicate as they look- made to be worn, coated in resin these roses never need to  be watered and keep their crisp petals forever!


Vintage Button Headband- $ 40.00
These headbands were inspired by the hair pieces of the 40's , elegant and and a bit avant-garde. Hundreds of buttons cluster together, a collection of some of the most unique that I have found. Worn on the left or right, hair up or down, straight or tousled-  each headband will add that special touch to any fashionistas wardrobe.

Retro Paper Rose Headband- $ 25.00
Fashioned  from pages of vintage children books, these unique little headbands are "green" and gorgeous!

Hairpins- $18.00
Sometimes you need a lot, sometimes you just need a little something, Retro Betty hairpins are perfect for the occasion. wear them in your hair, clip them on a scarf- a little bit of yumm for everyday.