Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Get your Retro Betty Fix at Fashion Denver's TINSEL!  A holiday marketplace full of fab things from local designers.. including 3 fashion shows at 1pm 3pm and 5pm- Come shop and see what is new from Retro Betty from 11-6 at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion, 770 Pennsylvania St. Denver CO 80203- Open and Free to the public!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Betty is here!

Introducing....... Baby Betty!

Baby Betty by Retro Betty, tiny little adornments for the little Betty's in your life. With Baby Betty you will find the same details and sparkle in a smaller package! These little hair pins are the perfect addition to the little fashionista's daily wardrobe- available in single clips, pairs or a set of six. But that's not all,  soon to come headbands, hats and of course a little must have for the Betty in training- her own little hand bags!

Monday, July 11, 2011

NEW!! Vintage Milk cap Cluster necklace....

They are finally here...  the Vintage Milk cap Cluster necklace, small and petite- and perfectly priced at $ 35.00 add a little bit of glam to any attire. Fashioned on vintage milk caps, these little beauties are sure to be a necessity to your Retro Betty collection.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sale Time!!

It that time of year.. I have cleaned out my studio and have come across some Retro Betty pieces form yesteryear! These pieces are one of a kind treasures, some from last season, some a sort of vintage look at where Retro Betty started, and a few unique current season items that are all marked up to 75% off.. All these beautiful little trinkets are limited quantity, and most are single quantity's .. A glimpse  of what is on the "Sale" page:

It is the perfect time to capture your little Retro Betty treasure, buy one for a friend, a gift for the holidays, and not to be self centered- but one for yourself! Dive in and don't wait to long.... these are sure to go fast! Visit the sale page for more one of a kind CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Retro Betty goods!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tons and Tons of Buttons....

Much like a treasure hunt.. I sift through the twenty pound box of buttons that arrived to my home via  USPS by route of Canada. Do Canadians have different, better, more unique buttons than that of what I have found here state side? This recent purchase, from a dry cleaner that shut its doors in Canada twenty five years ago.. the smell, not so great- but the hunt... exhilarating!
     After you have been collecting buttons for as long as I have you start to think you have seen it all... now thanks to this box, there are "new" buttons to be seen. A painstaking task, sorting buttons, my younger sister sorts through with speed, paying no attention to the remarkable little pieces of history that she tosses from one pile to the next. I on the other  hand sort a handful to her tons, while discovering each button, exploring each manufacturing detail, and what each is made of. Buttons have been around almost since the beginning of time, though only used for adornment by the Romans, it was in Germany in 1200's that buttons became utilitarian. Manufactured from everything from bone, shell , vegetable resins, wood and now metal and plastic. A recent visit to the Nation Button Society ( unveiled  single buttons that were selling for thousands of dollars!
    A bit nerdy? Perhaps...  but just look what Retro Betty does with these tiny bits of culture and history!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Retro Betty @ Circle 8 Gallery

Circle 8 Gallery will be showcasing a small collection of Retro Betty good from April 26th - May 27th. Some of the pieces on display for purchase include:

Circle 8 Gallery is located @ 4415 W. 43rd Avenue ( 44th and Tennyson), in a hip new area- spend the day, or the evening.. There are many great shops and places to snack. Feel like contributing to the community, drop in to the Comfort Cafe also located on Tennyson for a spectacular meal, pay what you can, this kitchen is a non profit, a new Retro Betty Fav! visit for more information.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yumm.. Summer Retro Betty Style!

Summer is almost here, and what goes better with any little summer dress than a Retro Betty Vintage button collar- shown here in Creamsicle Orange and Lemonade- A beautiful way to quench that summer thirst for impeccable vintage fashion with a modern twist.